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our storytellers

Storyteller, Stray Love

Rosslyn Elliott

Rosslyn Elliott grew up in a military family and lived…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson is an electrical engineer working on her master’s…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Samantha Calhoun

I was born and raised in Arkadelphia, AR. I’ve lived…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Ryan McGeeney

Ryan McGeeney is a writer and photographer living in Little…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Karen Zuccardi

Karen Zuccardi is a native from Colombia, and an adopted…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Sacha McBain

Sacha McBain learned the power of storytelling as a child…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Sierra Fisher

Sierra is California born, Arkansas grown, and Indiana educated. Sierra…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Jacey Winn

I am a concurrent student at the William H. Bowen…

Storyteller, Turkey, Tinsel, & Tension

Calli Turner

Although a native of Siloam Springs, Arkansas, Calli spent a…

Team Member

Omaya Jones

With the exception of the four in Savannah, GA, Omaya…

Outloud 2019, Storyteller, Team Member

Brad Cameron

Brad Cameron is a strategic storyteller, program planner, and evaluation wonk….

Storyteller, Team Member, Turkey, Tinsel, & Tension

Ellie Wheeler

Ellie joined The Yarn team ready to offer her research…

Storyteller, Striving Forward

Patricia Ashanti

Patricia Ashanti is the Founder and CEO of Delta Circles. …

Storyteller, Striving Forward

Ateca Foreman

Ateca Foreman has always been a goal maker, but more…

Storyteller, Striving Forward

Hannah McCollester

Hannah McCollester is a proud Arkansas transplant. She moved to…

Storyteller, Striving Forward

Chauncey Holloman Pettis

Chauncey Holloman Pettis is the CEO of Harlem Lyrics LLC…

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