our storytellers

our storytellers

Storyteller, Stray Love

Ben Goodwin

Ben Goodwin is a native Arkansan and lifelong dog owner….

Storyteller, The Art of Failure

David Fischman

David is an emergency medicine physician in beautiful Albuquerque, New…

Black Lives Matter, Storyteller

Mackenzi Davis

Storyteller, Turkey, Tinsel, & Tension

Ryan D. Davis

Ryan D. Davis is the director of UA Little Rock…

Resiliency, Storyteller

Glendaliz Torres

Outloud 2019, Storyteller

Spencer Lucker

Spencer Lucker is a community leader in public engagement, workforce…

Outloud 2019, Storyteller

Meosha Howard

Motherhood, Storyteller

Rick Chandler

Rick Chandler is boring. He is: old / boring,  married forever / boring,  retired / very boring but might beat working,  lives in Missouri outside of Kansas City / boring, but good bbq,  has two grown sons / they were not boring has told stories at 10 different cities at…

Farewell, 2020!, Storyteller

Andrea Toomer

Andrea Toomer has six years of experience working in the…

Farewell, 2020!, Storyteller

Dr. Gloria Richard-Davis

Dr. Richard-Davis is a native of south Louisiana, born in…

Black Lives Matter, Storyteller

Rah Howard

Rah Howard is a musician, artist, photographer, and videographer from…

Barred, Storyteller

Eliza Borné

Eliza Borné is a writer, reader, editor, and fundraising professional…

Motherhood, Storyteller, Team Member

Sara Brown

Based in Chicago, Sara Brown runs our finance operations for…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Rosslyn Elliott

Rosslyn Elliott grew up in a military family and lived…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Laura Simpson

Laura Simpson is an electrical engineer working on her master’s…

Storyteller, Stray Love

Samantha Calhoun

I was born and raised in Arkadelphia, AR. I’ve lived…

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