deeana williams

Deana Williams

Deana Williams, reared in the Delta, is the second of six children born to James and Delores Williams. After the death of the her parents at a young age, Deana and her siblings were deemed orphans and wards of the court when she was 12 years old and were never formally adopted. Misfortune, uncertainty, pain and abuse became her norm. Confronted with overcoming the hand she was dealt, survival was her only viable outcome.

Deana kept her secrets for years, until she recognized the need for healing and began sharing her story. After overcoming adversities, including incest, molestation, rape and domestic abuse, her defined mission and purpose in life is to heal, forgive and move forward. Deana works to engage, educate, equip and empower people to live and not exist, and her motto is: “You cannot heal what you will not reveal.”

Despite “life happening”, Deana graduated UCA and is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and the proud mother of Kaitlyn, a teenage honor student. Her passion of caring and service are evidenced through her unending commitment in the field of physical therapy for 25 years. Deana is a licensed minister, certified life coach, speaker and Amazon best-selling author: Get M.O.V.E.D. (Mapping Out Victory Each Day); Self-Empowerment through Self Discovery!