justin booth

Justin Booth

Justin Booth, originally from Black Oak, Arkansas, splits his time between Little Rock, Arkansas and Austin, Texas. He is writer of outlaw poetry, a teller of tales, and lives life to the fullest. Formerly a homeless I.V. drug addict, his work reflects the exciting hardscrabble life he has lived. He has written multiple books of poetry: Trailer Park Troubadour (2013), The Singer, The Lesbian, & The One with the Feet (2015), A Quarter, a Dime, and Two Copper Pennies (2015), Outlaw Blue (2016), Lucky Strikes, Grave Dirt, and 1/3 of the Stars (2016), The Stripper’s Daughter (2017) and The Luckiest Man (2019). His cat is named for suicidal poet, Sylvia Plath.

Love (2019)
Barred II (2019)