teneicia roundtree

Teneicia Roundtree

Teneicia Roundtree, raised in Jonesboro Arkansas, was an only child to her mother Linda Talley. Early on she learned the importance of a great work ethic. Her mother often encouraged her to gather cans to take to the recycle center to or work at her mother’s flea market booth to earn what most would receive as an allowance. Later in life, she continued that work ethic striving to be the top in the industry that she loved most… Sales. It led her to great opportunities. However, with the termination of a job she truly loved and a single mom of 4, Teneicia had to find a way out of poverty. With the suggestion of her mother, one failed attempt after another to begin a cleaning business, and only $20 of spare change TreeHouse Cleaning was officially born.

In the present day, Teneicia’s business is thriving. And, she hopes one day to utilize TreeHouse as a tool to provide others an opportunity to create generational wealth through franchising. Teneicia also serves as president of Young professionals of Conway, a satellite club of the Rotary, and mentors other young ladies who are striving to live their best lives. Overall, Teneicia hopes to positively impact her Conway community through Philanthropy and Professional Development training.